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Shop Home > Sewing Essentials > Sewing Machine Accessories >
Selection of Sewing Machine Accessories including: Needles, Thread, Spools, Tweezers, Oil, Zipper Foot & Service Kits

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H130.S.jpgHEMLINE H130.L - Bayonet Sewing Machine Bulb

(Quick Find Code: H130.L)
Hemline£ 2.85View/Order
H130.M.jpgHEMLINE H130.M - Bayonet Sewing Machine Bulb

(Quick Find Code: H130.M)
Hemline£ 2.85View/Order
H130.S.jpgHEMLINE H130.S- Bayonet Sewing Machine Bulb

(Quick Find Code: H130.S)
Hemline£ 2.85View/Order
H131.L.jpgHEMLINE H131.L - Screw-In Sewing Machine Bulb

(Quick Find Code: H131.L)
Hemline£ 2.85View/Order
H131.M.jpgHEMLINE H131.M - Screw-In Sewing Machine Bulb

(Quick Find Code: H131.M)
Hemline£ 2.85View/Order
H131.S.jpgHEMLINE H131.S - Screw-In Sewing Machine Bulb

(Quick Find Code: H131.S)
Hemline£ 2.85View/Order
h135.jpgHEMLINE H135 – Machine Needle Applicator and Brush

(Quick Find Code: H135)
Hemline£ 1.25View/Order
H137.JPGHEMLINE H137 - Bobbin Match Mates -12 pcs

(Quick Find Code: H137)
Hemline£ 1.69View/Order
H140.JPGHEMLINE H140 – Overlock Sewing Machine Threaders

(Quick Find Code: H140)
Hemline£ 3.25View/Order
H141.jpgHEMLINE H141 - Fine Point Tweezers - 1 Pc

(Quick Find Code: H141)
Hemline£ 3.55View/Order
H143.jpgHEMLINE H143 - Sewing Machine Thread Nets - 5 Pcs

(Quick Find Code: H143)
Hemline£ 1.05View/Order
H145.jpgHEMLINE H145 - Sewing Machine Service Kit - 3 Pc

(Quick Find Code: H145)
Hemline£ 3.09View/Order
H150.jpgHEMLINE H150 – Sewing Machine Stretch Belt

(Quick Find Code: H150)
Hemline£ 1.39View/Order
H155.jpgHEMLINE H155 – Sewing Machine Oil 20ml (3/4 fl oz)

(Quick Find Code: H155)
Hemline£ 1.79View/Order
H161.jpgHEMLINE H161 - Low Shank Zipper Foot: Adjustable

(Quick Find Code: H161)
Hemline£ 3.75View/Order
H162.jpgHEMLINE H162 - Zipper Foot: Invisible

(Quick Find Code: H162)
Hemline£ 4.05View/Order
H163.jpgHEMLINE H163 - Zipper Foot Roller Set: Invisible

(Quick Find Code: H163)
Hemline£ 5.35View/Order
H190.jpgHEMLINE H190 – Sewing Machine Seam Guide: Magnetic

(Quick Find Code: H190)
Hemline£ 2.55View/Order
H191.jpgHEMLINE H191 - Sewing Machine Dust Cover

(Quick Find Code: H191)
Hemline£ 2.80View/Order
H440059.JPGHEMLINE N4059 - Cone Holder: Double Cone

(Quick Find Code: N4059)
Hemline£ 4.85View/Order

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